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I Will Be Reborn

You will not break my spirit

I will keep fighting

And lighting up the world

With my fire


It may take the rest of my life

To reach my dreams

But I will make it somehow

Despite every blow I take

Through every smile I fake

I will be reborn


Written By : Ashley



Can’t speak
Feeling so weak
Trying to be me
But also wanting to be understood.

Nothing I do makes sense
Yet everyone acts like it does.
Always on the fence
Just end up waiting
Right in the middle
Of taking action
And being a doormat.


Written by : Violet

I’m Just Fine

Why can’t I stop before it’s too late?
I’m always going well beyond my limits.
Stomach feels like it’s bleeding through.
But I see nothing.
I feel nothing
But an invisible pain.

I cry cry cry
But no one knows the struggle inside.
I fall apart
But no one ever sees it for what it really is.

Alone in my own world
Even when I try to let everyone in.
It just doesn’t work that way.
Sometimes I think I’ve made a big mistake.

Until I hear that I’m an inspiration
And then my eyes light up.
Feeling like I’m on fucking fire
Yet I’m burning in the flames of my own life.
Just trying to get by
Just trying to see the light
But it always seems to be passing by
As I look up to the sky
Wondering why?
Why? Why? Why?

One day I’ll fly
But until then I’ll cry
Just waiting and wishing
To mean it when I say I’m just fine.

Written by : Violet

Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am nothing
But I want to be something
Even when you tell me I already am.

I’m drowning in my own filth again
Trying to get unstuck here
But it feels like too much work
If only I knew my own worth.

I’m really good at hiding
When the noise gets too loud
But when it gets too silent
I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t make a sound.

Right or wrong
It doesn’t really matter
As long as I’m not lonely
As long as there’s love you can show me.

I’ll never let you in
Because it’s already too much.
I guess being by myself
Will have to be enough.

Written by : Unknown ? Who am I ?

Breaking Free

Tired of running from the truth.
Feeling so broken down and bruised.
But I have to let myself be free.
Release the fear built up inside of me.

It’s going to take a lot of patience.
But all I’ve been doing is waiting.
So I give myself the compassion I never got.
Reminding myself of how long I’ve fought.

Living on the edge of death is never easy.
I have to rid myself of the lies they feed me.
Take back that which was taken from me.
Close my eyes so that I can finally see.

Written by : Violet

You Only See What You Want To See

You don’t see me

For the me I am

Because you’re too busy

Judging what you don’t know

It hurts but I try not to let it show



Everyday I’m hiding for my safety

Hoping I won’t get locked up

For just being different

All because I survived

All because I didn’t want to die



But it doesn’t matter

That I was protecting myself

Because you don’t care

And would rather stay unaware

Instead of see the truth

That’s I’m beautiful as I am

Not damaged, not broken

These words are left unspoken

Because you don’t want to hear me

Because you don’t want to see me

You only see what you want to see

Instead of accepting me for me


Written by : Ashley

Haunted In My Dreams

You wake in my mind
Every time I lay down at night.
Your face it haunts me
And never lets me forget
The way you made me feel.
It will seem so real.

But then the day begins
And I’m left helpless again.
Wondering where you are
Yet trying to leave you behind.

I’m going out of my head
Trying to get you out of my bed.
Maybe it’s time I turn out the light.
I know I’ll have to put up a fight.

But maybe I don’t want you to go.
I’m conflicted more than you know
But I feel that you don’t care at all
You never did as you watched me fall.

You pretend that I don’t exist.
It hurts to know that I’m not missed.
But I have to move on from this pain
Because I know there’s nothing to gain.

I’m just holding on to a lie.
I’m hoping this is goodbye
But I know that you’ll be back soon
As soon as I go to my room
And lay my head down on my pillow
Closing my eyes and wishing you away.
If only you wouldn’t stay
Then I’d have a peace of mind the next day.


Written by : Violet

Falling Between The Cracks

Switching modes

So caught in between.


Feeling myself slipping

Between the cracks

Of those before me.


Losing track of who I am

Is easy when I

Never stay the same.


Locked up in a hell

That keeps me hooked

With desires hard to ignore.


Falling in and out

Hoping to stay here

For just a little longer.


But then I’m gone again

And when I come back

I never feel quite right.


Not that I ever really have

In this game that never ends.


Tired of being played

And never really having a voice

To call my own.


It’s what I’m used to though

And it brings me a comfort

That I know is toxic.


Giving me a false sense of security.

Strapping me down to the lies

That keep me alive.


Written by : Kristin