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Haunted In My Dreams

You wake in my mind
Every time I lay down at night.
Your face it haunts me
And never lets me forget
The way you made me feel.
It will seem so real.

But then the day begins
And I’m left helpless again.
Wondering where you are
Yet trying to leave you behind.

I’m going out of my head
Trying to get you out of my bed.
Maybe it’s time I turn out the light.
I know I’ll have to put up a fight.

But maybe I don’t want you to go.
I’m conflicted more than you know
But I feel that you don’t care at all
You never did as you watched me fall.

You pretend that I don’t exist.
It hurts to know that I’m not missed.
But I have to move on from this pain
Because I know there’s nothing to gain.

I’m just holding on to a lie.
I’m hoping this is goodbye
But I know that you’ll be back soon
As soon as I go to my room
And lay my head down on my pillow
Closing my eyes and wishing you away.
If only you wouldn’t stay
Then I’d have a peace of mind the next day.


Written by : Violet


You Are Enough

Don’t Listen To Fear
Love Is Here
It Will Keep You Safe
Just Keep The Faith

People Will Hurt You
And All You Can Do
Is Breathe In Love

You Are Enough


Written by : Ashley