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Keep Going

There’s nothing but madness
Inside this life that I lead
But I still find myself waiting
In the forest of dreams

Time is never my friend
But I still treat it like a god
Because I know that in the end
It will be the only thing I got

My eyes they bleed
My throat is sore
My face is flushed
But I keep on searching
For something more

It’s never enough
But the words keep spilling out
Is it because I have hope?
Or is it because I can’t cope?

I guess it doesn’t really matter
As long as I expose every vulnerable piece
Even if I feel weak
Afraid to be seen


Underneath The Surface

I want to rip my fucking skin off
So you can see the pain that’s buried so deep
It grows and grows until it takes hold
Bringing me down into the black hole of my soul

I don’t want you to see what’s on the surface
Because the world expects it to be perfect

If I let my true colors show
Then maybe you will know
How it actually feels to be alone