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Wasted Space

Time will only tell
If I come out of this alive.
Would anyone care if I died?
No one knows..
No one knows..

I’m never enough
But always too much.

Didn’t you hear I like it rough?
So bring on the destruction.
Make it so I no longer function
In a world that never wanted me anyways.
Might as well let me go and let it be.

I’ll be the face that’s never seen
And the voice that’s never heard.
Already given up on my dream.
You’ve pushed me so far away from me.



Depression is empty.

There’s no one here

But the darkness.


No light comes

Into a mind so black.

It leaves you still

Yet restless.


No use in trying.

Just feel like dying.

But even that

Takes too much effort.


Lying awake while asleep.

Into the fog you bleed.

Waiting just waiting

For it all to end.


Written by : Kristin

Break Me Down Slowly

I can’t ever be still
Even when I lay here
Like a stone

Always on guard
Knowing you will destroy me
Even if I don’t move a muscle

There’s never any peace
When I’m feeling so weak

It breaks me down slowly
Until I’m left with nothing
But the voices in my head

They bring me to my knees
Making it so I’m afraid to feel

No use in fighting back
When I’m trapped
In a world where I don’t belong

So I’m just living to die
Going out of my mind
Asking the reasons why

But then there’s just silence

Feel Something Real

The silence is unbearable
Yet it provides so much comfort
To my soul that is constantly
Trying to look within

I’ve always been alone
Even when the faces
That pretended to be me
Kept me company

But now I hear no one
And I see nothing
Not even in my own reflection

The mirror
Is just a reminder
Of how much I hate
The girl inside
That just wants to die

I can’t push away
How I really feel
Just so I won’t
Let you down

It will keep
Eating me alive
Until I reveal
The truth
Behind my fake smile

So I open myself up
To even more hurt
By sacrificing my pain
Putting it on display
For all the world to see
In my last attempt
To feel something real