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You Only See What You Want To See

You don’t see me

For the me I am

Because you’re too busy

Judging what you don’t know

It hurts but I try not to let it show



Everyday I’m hiding for my safety

Hoping I won’t get locked up

For just being different

All because I survived

All because I didn’t want to die



But it doesn’t matter

That I was protecting myself

Because you don’t care

And would rather stay unaware

Instead of see the truth

That’s I’m beautiful as I am

Not damaged, not broken

These words are left unspoken

Because you don’t want to hear me

Because you don’t want to see me

You only see what you want to see

Instead of accepting me for me


Written by : Ashley



Trying To See My Worth
But Every Time I Do It Hurts
I’m Not Supposed To Feel
I’m Not Supposed To Be Real

They Will Torture Me Again
If I Don’t Do What I’m Told
I Better Hide My Smile
Make Sure I Stay In Denial

It’s The Only Way To Survive
In A World Built To Destroy Me
No Use In Putting Up A Fight
Even If It Doesn’t Seem Right