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I Will Be Reborn

You will not break my spirit

I will keep fighting

And lighting up the world

With my fire


It may take the rest of my life

To reach my dreams

But I will make it somehow

Despite every blow I take

Through every smile I fake

I will be reborn


Written By : Ashley


Keep Going

There’s nothing but madness
Inside this life that I lead
But I still find myself waiting
In the forest of dreams

Time is never my friend
But I still treat it like a god
Because I know that in the end
It will be the only thing I got

My eyes they bleed
My throat is sore
My face is flushed
But I keep on searching
For something more

It’s never enough
But the words keep spilling out
Is it because I have hope?
Or is it because I can’t cope?

I guess it doesn’t really matter
As long as I expose every vulnerable piece
Even if I feel weak
Afraid to be seen